czwartek, 17 sierpnia 2017

Banana Bread - recipe

            Since some afternoons, I have looked for recipes on the Internet. I found a recipe for banana bread. A way of preparing is very easy and the effect is great! I decided to try! When I came back home yesterday, I baked this bread. It's delicious. I want to share this recipe with you :)

  • 4 bananas
  • 2 eggs
  • 3 spoons of honey
  • 3 spoons of coconut oil
  • 1,5 glass of buckwheat
  • pinch of salt
  • 1 spoon of baking powder
  • 0,5 glass of walnuts (minced)

Way of preparing:
  • parchment paper take to rectangle baking tin
  • preheat the oven to 180 degrees
  • in a bowl mix bananas, eggs, honey, coconut oil - and whizz
  • in the other bowl mix buckwheat, salt, baking powder and walnuts - mix very slowly
  • mix ingredients from two bowls
  • tip bowl's contents to a baking tin (even the top)
  • bake about 50 minutes
Your banana bread is ready to eat :)
Grub's up!
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wtorek, 16 maja 2017

My trip to London - part 2

I want to tell you about my next adventures in London during my visit there.

My first full day I started about 11 a.m. I and Mavis went to church on a Mass. There I met some Mavis's friends. They were so nice for me. Then I went to sightseeing. I was in Enfield's museum. It's very interesting place. Later we went to cafe. There I met a Polish lady; it was funny that I met in England person the same nationality. We spoke Polish :)
After caffee we went to Mavis's friends. Few years before they lived in Poland. Mrs Nina is 92, but she looks as if she is 50. She's lovely lady, and her son is amazing too. We talked much together. We went for lunch together to the city center. Mavis came back home but I went to see shops and the environs. I bought only some things. When I left shopping mall, outside was dark. I was a bit scared, because it was my first day there. I asked some people, they helped me to come back home.
At the end we watched two movies in English. It was great because I practiced my language :)

Next day I can term "Number 11 bus"
As every day my morning I started in the city in church on a Mass. I met some new people there. I could see that Polish Mass and British Mass is a bit other, but interesing. Next by the underground I travelled to center of London. The weather, as in England, wasn't good. On Platform 7 I and Mavis met Bill (her frend). We went together to cafe. It was so huge! Bill gave me some gadgets from London. It was so sweet and nice! Next we went sightseeing. I saw the most significant places in London. Unfortunately, it was raining. Bill bought me some magazines. After this, we came back home. There I and Mavis watched movie "The Tourist". And I went to bed ;)
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piątek, 24 marca 2017

A significant relation!


Many people have got sisters of brothers - one, three, seven or more. Siblings not always spend more time together. I remember when I was young, very often I argued with my only sister. All things were very, very stupid - I know it now.
Now, I can see it was unnecessary. Since some years we have tried to improve our relation. We talked a lot, went out together, watched movies etc. I wanted to know her better, and she wanted the same.

At the moment, since some months, maybe year, our relation have been a fantastic. I'm sure my sister is my best friend! She always has a time for me, helps me when I have troubles or when I cry, listens my problems, comes to me when she has got time. She is a wonderful person!
I bother to do the same - all time!

We have our ups and downs but I love her as more as I can!

“The best thing about having a sister was that I always had a friend.” 
                                                                                                         – Cali Rae Turne

 If you want to have better relation with your sibling, I have some advises for you.
1. Spend time together
2. Talk - more and more all time
3. Tell her/him what are you feeling
4. Always be honest!
5.  Share ups and downs
6. Be helpful

Don't lose time arguing! Life is too short! Today you can have the best friend - your sibling!

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środa, 22 marca 2017

Quotes! Best of the best!

Today, I really want to show you some my favourite English quotes. 

1. 'Speak low if you speak love.'William Shakespeare
2. 'One is loved because one is loved. No reason is needed for loving.'Paulo Coelho
3. 'Imagination is more important than knowledge.' - Albert Einstein
4. 'Never give up on what you really want to do. The person with big dreams is more powerful than one with all the facts.'Albert Einstein
5. 'If you want to make God laugh, tell him about your plans.' - Woody Allen
6. 'A man can be destroyed, but not defeated.' - Ernest Hemingway
7. 'The important thing is not to stop questioning.' - Albert Einstein
8. 'When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.'Paulo Coelho

9. 'Defeat? I do not recognise the meaning of the word.' - Margaret Thatcher
10. 'I am extraordinarily patient, provided I get my own way in the end.' - Margaret Thatcher

Do you have any favourite quote?
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poniedziałek, 20 marca 2017

La la land - review

"La la land" has been very popular. So I deciced that when this movie will be in cinema in my town I must go! Now I have my own opinion about this film.

"La la land" is a musical comedy drama. It's an American, incredible movie, which involve recipients. The director and the screenwriter is Damien Chazelle. The film has got 14 nominations to Oscar! The main actor is Ryan Gosling and the main actress is Emma Stone.

The play is set in Los Angeles. Sebastian, average jazz pianist, works in a common restaurant as a musician, but he wants to open his own place. Mia is a young, beginner actress, who between auditions works as a waitress. One day randomly Mia goes to the place where Sebastian plays. She is fascinated his music and they decided to meet together. Over time they fall in love. Unfortunately, they want to have a career - it makes that their relationship is putting to the rest.

It's an amazing movie which presents beautiful story of unhappy love and difficult way to have a career. The movie shows how important is a support and proximity the other person. We can see a way to score an other person's heart! 
We can listen great songs! These are really fantastic! And diversify as well as good dance which is presents in a movie. The all cast is excellent!
The film has only one disadvantage - sometimes are moments unrealistic and a bit silly.
But the end of the film is real-life. Maybe disappointed but presents what does life give us. It's a bit sad for us, because the visitors want to see a happy end story. But when we think longer about this movie, we understand that this is really truthful film.
The landscape and play are great too!

I recommend this movie. It's worth to see it. If you see the film, you can have your own opinion. If you want to see real story (because people often make the same decision), it's for you.
Watch and tell me what do you think!

It's my first review in English!
If You are a native speaker or know English very well, You can help me with my mistakes. If You see something, in my posts, what is wrong, please tell me about it. It's very important for me - my "serious travel" with English start just now. This blog is a lesson for me with use English :)

In the link is a official teaser of the movie:
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niedziela, 19 marca 2017

What can you do when you don't want to learn?

Good morning Everyone!

As you know in May I have my Matura exam. It is a very important test but sometimes I don't want to learn. I would prefer to do other things. So what can you do when you don't want to learn?

20 things to do when you must learn to Matura exam:
1. Go for a walk
2. Cook something delicious
3. Watch a good movie
4. Meet with your friends
5. Order a pizza
6. Go to sleep
7. Listen the music
8. Clean your room
9. Give somebody a hand
10. Read a book
11. Look for the best university for you
12. Make yourself up
13. Go shopping
14. Talk, talk, talk!
15. Paint your nails
16. Choose an outfit for next days
17. Learn to play an instrument
18. Have a blog (write a post)
19. Take photos
20. Write a diary

Here have you some ideas, which you can use when you don't want to lern for your exam. But the best way is when you do some exercises! These ideas you can make of during breaks :)
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niedziela, 26 lutego 2017

My trip to Rzeszów


I'm so sorry I didn't write all week, but it was very busy time!
As you know, I was sick so I had to catch up my duties. During last week I had 5 tests! I had to learn very, very hard. Except that I learnt, I looked after my niece.

But on Friday, after all classes and my physics test, about 2 pm. I went to Rzeszów, because there I met my friend - Justyna. She showed me her university, flat, favourite places in Rzeszów. It was great, because we had't seen a long time before.

We had got one aim, so I went to Rzeszów,  a premiere of a movie "Porady na zdrady"!
When I had seen a triler I decided that I must watch it! We went to the cinema at 6 pm - before I made a booking. Now, I really want to talk you about this film, so in my new post I'll write a review of it. It was a fantastic time with my friend!

After the movie, we went to the Old Town to Muffins' Restaurants - there we ate delicious muffins. Justyna showed me some more place in Rzeszów, but it was dark outside, so we decided to come back home. (Justyna studies in Rzeszów, but she lives where I). During our trip we were talking, singing, "dancing" - I missed our meetings!

When I came back home it was late, so I had a shower and went sleep. My weekend was starting! :D

It was an amazing Friday! :)

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niedziela, 19 lutego 2017

What do the girls dream about?

As you know I'm eighteen. In May I'm graduating from my high school and later, after Matura exam, I'm turning over a new leaf. 

Many girls in the same age as I am, want to have great friends. When we graduate from school we have a group of people - with them we can talk about everything! We really like them and all free time we want to spend with them - at university too!

In third class of high school, before Matura exam, all girls (all students) want to write this test as well as we can! We dream about easy questions and dreamy university :) Then we move into other city, everywhere we can meet new people. We want to live in a dreamy city so scores from the Matura exam are very important. Unfortunately, we don't like studying :(

The last and the most important for girls is... LOVE!
We don't need the most handsome, the cleverest or the richest man. We need the man who will love us (heartily!), who can spend with us all time, who can help us , who can hug, kiss - everywhere! Who want to come outside with us and compliment! And want to show us his friends - it's very important! This type of boy is the most welcome!

As you can see, the main aim for girls is a love! Is the most important!
I wish everybody true love! <3

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